Measure Twice, Cut Once

Laura Petrovich-Cheney - Wood Quilts

November 03, 2021 Season 1 Episode 32
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Laura Petrovich-Cheney - Wood Quilts
Show Notes

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Laura and I had a riveting discussion about the art, the emotion, and the expression that are so visible in her one-of-a-kind pieces. Her words describe her technique the best:

"My material is salvaged wood gathered in the aftermath of environmental tragedies, such as Hurricane Sandy, forest fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and from numerous other unnamed storms in Massachusetts. The wood is from damaged and wrecked houses – cedar sidings, screen doors, kitchen cabinets, wood tables- and repurposed into luminous, patchwork constructions. Through these difficult situations, my work is filled with vibrant color and uplifting hopefulness. I never paint the wood, they are as I found them and bear the marks of usage through their nail holes and scratches reminding us that material has memory."

And of course I had questions! 

  • How do you store a wooden stash? 
  • And what's fussy cutting? 
  • And how big are your wood quilts?

Prepare to be amazed and inspired by Laura's creations. You can view the exhibition we referred to here: New England Quilt Museum

Uppercase magazine, Issue #51  "Arts & Quilts", featuring Laura's art


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