Measure Twice, Cut Once

Carina Gardner - Surface Designer and Business Builder

October 05, 2022 Season 2 Episode 77
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Carina Gardner - Surface Designer and Business Builder
Show Notes

Carina Gardner and I chat about business building and entrepreneurial skills. Tenacity...the willingness to learn and stretch...these are essential.

There's no magic - it takes time and determination to establish and grow a business, but Carina's successes will encourage you!

Carina has a Ph.D. in Design from the University of Minnesota. She
has been a Creative Director for a scrapbooking company and children’s
company. She has designed everything from dishware to bracelets under her
brand for retailers. She currently designs fabric for Riley Blake Designs, and
die cutting files for Silhouette. Her passion is teaching other designers how to
create meaningful design careers while making a residual income online in her
Design Bootcamp, Workshops, and Design Suite program.

She can be found in all these places:
Make and Design podcast iTunes link

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