Measure Twice, Cut Once

Eva and I Chat Up Quilt Retreats

August 31, 2022 Susan Smith Season 2 Episode 73
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Eva and I Chat Up Quilt Retreats
Show Notes

Quilt retreats - what's not to love? They are a chance to visit and giggle with your friends...a time to get in some uninterrupted work on a challenging project...a chance to finish up some WIPs.

My friend Eva and I were recently at a rather rustic retreat, so we'll tell you what we loved best, and what we learned. Plus tools and supplies you might want to pack. Suggestions for organizing meals and snacks. And wine. That's important.

It's a pretty casual, and not very linear chat, but I think you'll get the flavor.  Retreats are nourishing for the soul!

Want to try free motion quilting but don't know where to start? Here's 3 simple steps to get going.

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