Measure Twice, Cut Once

PJ Jacobsen - the "Crazy Quilter"

May 04, 2022 Season 2 Episode 57
Measure Twice, Cut Once
PJ Jacobsen - the "Crazy Quilter"
Show Notes

PJ Jacobsen is a quilter with a story! She's been a lot of places in her life, but a massive medical emergency resulted in a complete start-over for her and her husband. They purchased an abandoned church from Ebay, and set out to build a home for their family, and then a quilting retreat, with their own hands.

These days the Crazy Quilter Retreat Center (in central Washington state) hosts up to 20 crafters with all kinds of lovely amenities like sauna and hot tub, and PJ even washes the dishes for her guests!

PJ is also a midwife, quilting shop owner, and teacher of all things quilt-y. You'll love her stories!
PJ and the retreat center can be found right here:

Want to try free motion quilting but don't know where to start? Here's 3 simple steps to get going.

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